We’re more than media. We’re a movement.

We’re changing the culture of aging and connecting 115 million voices in a community of hope, inspiration, and possibility. We’re proving that growing older is a blessing to be celebrated and an opportunity to be seized.

Ned Johnson

We believe a moment at 80 is just as valuable as a moment at 18.

An increase in lifespan and health span has created an entirely new life stage leading to the biggest cultural shift in the history of mankind. Our lives can be filled with passion, purpose, and possibility no matter our age.

Shantell Williams

We’re changing the culture by changing the conversation.

We’re mission-driven journalists, producers, editors, creatives, developers, and distributors. Our voice is credible. Our connection is authentic. Our impact is profound.

We’re dedicated to helping people embrace the opportunity of extra years.

We’re building a tribe unlike any other.

The connection we have with our audience is built on trust. It’s unique, powerful, and emotional with bonds as strong as family. Our community is immunity from the never-ending challenges of life. We exist to inspire, support, and encourage.