Audrey, 53

The 50+ Demographic is the Most Valuable in the World.

50+ represents nearly half of all adults in the U.S. and to quote Dylan Thomas, they will not go quietly into the good night. They’re working longer, earning more, and spending more. They have more time and more disposable income than any 50+ cohort in history and they’re seizing the opportunity of extra years. They’re reinventing themselves, going back to school, starting new businesses, traveling, volunteering, starting new relationships and repairing old ones. They’re not growing older, they’re Growing Bolder.


50+ adults in
The U.S. — 44% of the entire population

7.8 Trillion

Responsible for at least $7.8 trillion in annual U.S. economic activity


Controls 79% of all disposable income


Has a total net worth 12x that of younger adults


Accounts for 56% of all consumer expenditures


Plan to work past
65 with no plans to


Americans are turning 65 every day -one every 8 seconds


The number of older adults is projected to increase by 69% over the next 35 years

Adults 50+ dominate the travel industry purchasing 80% of all luxury travel and outspending younger adults by 40% on vacation.
95% of older adults watch TV and a lot of it! 174 hours every month. That’s 63% more than millennials
50+ accounts for 41% of all e-commerce spending. 65+ is now the fastest growing cohort of online shoppers up 40% in the past two years.
Consumer Products
Adults 50+ dominate 119 out of 123 consumer packaged goods including food, beverages, cosmetics, and cleaning products.
98% of adults 50 and older own a cellphone, and among them, 91% own a smartphone 
Adults 50+ account for 77% of spending on prescription drugs, OTC drugs and medical supplies

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